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Do you have difficulty listening?

The natural aging process is the most common cause of hearing loss. However, certain medical conditions, diseases, genetics, and lifestyle choices can also play a role in hearing impairment.

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We are Hearing Specialists


We are Hearing Specialists

It is said that someone suffers from hearing loss when they are not able to hear as well as a person whose sense of hearing is normal, that is, whose hearing threshold in both ears is equal to or greater than 20 dB. Hearing loss can be mild, moderate, severe, or profound. It affects one or both ears and makes it difficult to hear loud speech or sounds.

The natural aging process is the most common cause of hearing loss. However, certain medical conditions, diseases, genetics, and lifestyle choices can also play a role.


Fortunately, most cases of hearing loss are highly treatable, so you can continue to work, communicate, and stay connected with your friends and family.

Causes of hearing loss and deafness 

Hearing losses can be from birth or can develop gradually or abruptly. Depending on the place in the ear that has been affected, the losses can be sensorineural (if what is affected is the cochlea or auditory nerve) or conductive (when there is a factor that blocks the passage of sound in the ear canal or in the ear half).


Other types of hearing loss are tinnitus, Ménière's disease (the intermittent sensation of vertigo, hearing loss and tinnitus), ototoxicity (the effect produced by a medicine) or auditory processing disorder (the reduction in the ability to process sound signals in certain parts of the central auditory system).

A very common cause of sensorineural hearing loss is that the hair cells have been damaged. In general, the outer hair cells are often the first to deteriorate, resulting in a reduction in sensitivity to faint sounds and a decreased ability to distinguish between various speech sounds.


Normally, a sensorineural hearing loss cannot be corrected with medical treatment or surgery. The most common alternative is the use of hearing aids. Sensorineural hearing losses can occur at any stage of life and can be due to age or noise, they can be hereditary, congenital or retrocochlear.

The headphones  they are one of the 10  Most important MEDICAL ADVANCES in HISTORY 

1,100 MILLION young people between the ages of 12 and 25 are at RISK of LOSING their HEARING CAPACITY


The human ear is a miraculous organ responsible for much more than just hearing. It also determines how you experience balance and spatial orientation. Otology is an ear, nose, and throat subspecialty offered by our physicians that focuses exclusively on the medical and surgical treatment of diseases and disorders that affect the ear, including infections, balance disorders, tinnitus, and more.

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The differential feature of the otologist specialist is that, unlike the otolaryngologist, he does not treat nose and neck pathologies, but rather specializes in the physiology, functionality and pathologies of the ear. Otology is a branch of Medicine and Surgery and therefore, the otologist specialist also has training to perform surgical interventions.

Otology focuses on treating ear problems and, therefore, hearing and balance problems. The ear plays a fundamental role in balance and the sensation of vertigo or dizziness. Thus, some of the most frequent pathologies in the Otology consultation are the following:

  • Otitis or ear infections: they are very common, especially in babies and children.

  • Tinnitus or tinnitus: annoying perception of sound or constant beeping, which does not even allow you to hear clearly.

  • Barotrauma: A barotrauma in the ear is an injury caused by changes in barometric pressure (air) or water.

  • Menière's disease: it is a common cause of vertigo and dizziness, due to fluid problems in the middle ear. It also tends to cause tinnitus.

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At Centro Clínico Cabeza y Cuello we work with the highest technology in hearing aids, that is why we have Widex, the world's first truly intelligent hearing aid, where the quality of your hearing experience evolves in real time and in real life.

Widex hearing aids are sold in more than 100 countries around the world and the company employs a global workforce of more than 3,800.

We develop digital technologies with a quality that few can match, which has allowed us to forge our reputation as one of the most innovative manufacturers in the industry. Our tireless drive to innovate has led to breakthroughs as important as the first digital intracanal hearing aid.

Our mission is to offer easy-to-use hearing solutions that can be seamlessly incorporated into everyday life and provide natural hearing.


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